Where our passion and ambition are thriving

IoT Development

Rapid and high-quality IoT devices development all the way from your idea to the device that enables your business need.

Solution Testing

Rigid and continuous testing to meet high standards, IP protection and ensure the stable device operation for years.

Project Management

After we gather the solution requirements, we manage the whole project with you by the best ITIL 4 and CCSM standards.

Flood Monitoring

The end-to-end solutions for both governments, enterprises and organisations, but also for SMEs, engineers, hobbyists, etc.

Vertical Farming

Don’t be confused with this solution! We’ll use our devices to enable the indoor vertical farming with high yields.

Advanced Support

We ensure the best-class support in the onboarding process, but also in all situations where you may need our assistance.


SymbIoTic presents its solution on the Croatian national television


Devoted and goal driven enthusiasts

Founder is an indeed ambitious fellow since SymbIoTic already received a 200.000€ EU grant for developing state-of-the art IoT devices, enrolled a 4-years PhD course in Environmental Protection to gather a profound knowledge about floods. This devotion has already resulted with reliable partnerships, a gold medal at INOVA2020 conference, and a neat integration of psychological, philosophical and spiritual domains with technology.

We form a highly friendly, relaxed and thriving team with our Senior and Junior HW/SW developers. This EU grant has enabled SymbIoTic to hire two prominent and like-minded people where everything we do is to deliver and support reliable solutions to the target audience.

Davor Predavec

Project Owner

Željko Krpetić

HW/SW Engineer


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