Aquobex and SymbIoTic to provide Disaster Management Centres with Cybernetic Intelligence

Around 2,5 years ago, Aquobex has joined a H2020 project "I-REACT" (Improving Resilience through Advanced Cyber Technologies). The mission is to use novel approach (crowdsourcing through Twitter contextual data extraction, iOS and Android application for enabling people to take pictures of a natural or man-made disaster, historical data plus now-and fore-casting etc.).

Going through many challenges, but having 20 partners alongside, ISMB (Istituto Superiore Mario Boella - the project owner), lead throughout the way to create a demo platform for interested stakeholders (governments, NGOs, 3rd party companies/organisations) to test the I-REACT's project outputs and choose the best ones for existing systems and environments they already have in place.

An important part of the project is also gamification - making people both aware of the forecoming disaster before it occurs, while also having a certain degree of self-satisfaction by helping others. This can be achieved by reading tips and solving quizzes within the app, where one can go up on the scale and acquire certain medals and achievements. Key is to note that this is not made for the fun only, so if you scale the number of citizens that know what to do when a disastrous event hits, what do you think - could it then be just another application or the one to help others mitigating disaster's damages, or even lives?

Furthermore, Aquobex is working with SymbIoTic for over a year and this collaboration has provided several state-of-the-art prototypes within IoT domain. We can now measure wall temperature and humidity for providing detailed analysis of infrastructure's behaviour (drying after the flood, wall damage incurred, etc.). Also, another prototype is a flood warning device that uses the latest communication network and which battery will last for more than 5 years, while device’s housing is small and easy-to-deploy. SymbIoTic has also applied for the EU grant to create an own professional IoT laboratory for developing devices that are to be placed on the market in early 2020.

Our mission is to be the best in providing novel approaches while helping people learn and act before, during and after disastrous events. On the other side, our vision is to connect people, technology and knowledge within one modular system that is user-friendly, easy to use and reliable when needed the most.

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