IoT devices development

We can offer a rapid IoT prototype development if you are interested how your device will behave on the market. Don’t guess, test it and hence develop the real IoThing!

Vertical farming

Our vertical proof-of-concept micro farm can be yours as well! Put it into the living room and look how fast microgreens and baby-leaves can add up to your healthy lifestyle!

Disaster management

Working with many partners abroad, gaining actionable information from I-REACT project, participating on many Disaster Management conferences and building EWAS is surely our specialty!


SymbIoTic is a spin-out company created after the CEO's internship in 2017, in the UK flood management specialists company, also the partner of Horizon2020 project I-REACT.

Our work

SymbIoTic has devoted all its work to help regions affected by any element of climate change to reduce food & water scarcity, improving resilience to natural disasters, connecting poor regions with ones that are willing to help (especially developing countries)… The main goal is to develop economically affordable IoT devices and related network for different end users, finding patterns within in-field data and historical plus satellite data, be one of the first IoT technology provider in Croatia and help merging the gap between Academia and Industry.

Our work is focused to environmental monitoring parameters (water level, temperature, humidity, vibration, etc.) and building the corresponding IoT sensors for flood and fires detection, commonly known as Early Warning and Action Systems. Nowadays, company is expanding the portfolio to monitor other types of disasters (i.e. earthquakes, heatwaves, landslides, etc.) and other environmental parameters important to help citizens adapt to climate changes. Recently, the company has applied for a completely state-of-the-art IoT device brand protected under the Nation’s IP rights. Furthermore, the new market that SymbIoTic will soon enter is in developing smart vertical systems to grow microgreens and baby leaves in-house, where we are the main technology partner supporting the other newly formed spin-out related to Smart Agriculture. Conclusively, company is recognised at the Zagreb university and Applied Sciences and is soon to become a partner within IoT rapid prototyping and thorough testing related to communication technologies, i.e. Sigfox, NB-IoT, LoRa, Satellite comms on the one side, and battery management plus security on the other side – all to build IoT devices and related network in the very near future.

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We will be soon able to provide you a professional laboratory with devoted SW and HW engineers, working IoT full-stack developers and marketing specialist to help you build a professional piece of the IoT art.

IoT Rapid Prototyping

We have already developed several IoT prototypes and prove that we don’t mess when such a rapidly growing tech is in discussion. You can check that just by mailing us.

IoT Platform Consultancy

Our partner is one of the top IoT platform providers across the globe. We can provide you with IoT platform from the very Arduino-alike prototype to the professional stage.

IoT Devices SW and HW Design

Our staff takes the IoT development seriously. That’s why we thought about “skilled only” employees while building this company. From device idea to the market – ask us for anything!

Environmental Monitoring

We put all our knowledge and efforts to build micro weather stations to monitor local environmental parameters (air quality, water level, temperature & humidity, vibration) and more.

Flood & Fires Monitoring & Consultancy

From covering the local area for flood protection, or forests from fires, we are fully engaged to help providing you with correct and actionable information prior enough to a disaster.

Smart Agriculture Design & Consultancy

Collaborating with professor and economist, agricultural specialist, SW embedded programmer and project manager, we’ve built fully efficient microgreens and baby-leaves vertical farm.






We don’t think that young companies can’t make a noticeable impact in the IoT field! Just look at our achievements – they “tell” all you need to know.

Rapid prototyping and IoT devices development for Aquobex Ltd (UK Flood Management Specialists)

CEO’s active participation within Horizon2020 project I-REACT (Improving Resilience through Advanced Cyber Technologies) – Content Manager

Close collaboration with Zagreb University of Applied Sciences (IoT network testing)

Recently Applied for the 1.5M HRK EU grant to create a professional IoT Laboratory

Recently joined the EU Horizon2020 project DAREnet for improving flood resilience within Danube river countries

Close collaboration with Belgium company AllThingsTalk – IoT Platform Provider

Our Team

We strive to know important aspects of IoT ecosystem, both in theory and being tested in practice. Rapid prototyping provided us with valuable information how to efficiently plan the product roadmap from the very idea to the market stage.

CEO of Symbiotic

Davor Predavec

Founder & CEO

CEO of Symbiotic

Ivo Ljubičić

SW Embedded Developer

Latest News

Here you can see how serious we are when we talk about collaboration, innovation and our achievements.

Aquobex and SymbIoTic to provide Disaster Management Centres with Cybernetic Intelligence

Around 2,5 years ago, Aquobex has joined a H2020 project "I-REACT" (Improving Resilience through Advanced Cyber Technologies). The mission is to use novel approach (crowdsourcing through Twitter contextual data extraction, iOS and Android application for enabling people to take pictures of a natural or man-made disaster, historical data plus now-and fore-casting etc.).

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SymbIoTic signed a contract with Belgium company AllThingsTalk

SymbIoTic has just signed a contract with the Belgium company AllThingsTalk, the prominent and scalable IoT platform providers. This collaboration is highly meaningful for both parties, since SymbIoTic will provide Community Lead with rapid prototyping development services on one side, while AllThingsTalk is providing Maker IoT platform for connecting devices such as SODAQ Mbili, Raspberry Pi and...

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Revolution in vertical agriculture in 2019.

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